Kimono in Modern Japan Times

I am always excited to see Japanese ladies wearing the traditional garment. As a “universal symbol of Japan”, it represents beauty and endurance.

Today the Kimono has become the new accessory and for women, it is evolving into an ultimate expression of femininity.

A lady outside her kimono shop

An elegantly Kimono clad woman in Asakusa

Lovely ladies in their lively kimonos in Kawagoe


Takeo Funabiki,  a cultural anthropologist pointed out that “….Japanese women wear kimono at four key points in their lives, with the wedding being the last. The first time kimonos are worn is at ages three and seven during the month of November–a time when girls visit shrines with their families to give thanks for being alive and in good health. “



Festivals in Japan peak in Spring and Summer. Many young Japanese come to these events in bright and colorful yukatas, a thinner and easier to wear variety of kimono. Hanami parties, fireworks festivals, and street processions are a few of these events.


Spring Time Beauty


Hanami viewing in Sakata City Japan



Young ladies on their way to their first shrine visit of the year in Kyoto Japan
Young ladies on their way to first shrine visit of the year in Nikko Japan

Seeing these colorful patterns worn in modern times offers a charming and mysterious delight.  I can’t just stop taking their pictures.  I realized that more than the aesthetics of the kimono what I like about these photographs are the sense of pride in those who wear them.

Ja ne! 🙂