pai to my name

The other day as I waste my time on face book (yet again) a good friend sent me a message. We said hello and talked about things in the past and things that currently kept us occupied. He said he is working on a website (though he’s an accountant) to help people in their business  and there I was streaming Logan. See the difference? So to make my self sound purpose driven, I  said I’ve been wanting to sell my photographs on line. That sounds vain  or self absorbed so more on that later. Like the awesome guy he always is, my friend offered to set up the website for me. He made it sound like he was offering me a cup of coffee or a bag of potato chips. So simple and believable and sincere.

This to me is exhilarating. I have been taking pictures for a little less half my life time and although social media has been an amazing venue to share my work, it has also became a dry plateau, a predictable end. So here it is after two days of exchanges between opposing time zones i got myself a blog and a .com next to my name.  I am illiterate still with these blogging terms but I will learn. And I hope you join me in this journey.

Thank you nong pau of for making this happen