Mt. Haguro in Photos

The trail up the mountain starts after you pass through a torii gate near the Ideha Cultural Museum. Actually the trail first descends into a valley where you will find a small waterfall, Suga-no-taki, and a shrine near a red-lacquered bridge, called Shinkyo, or God’s Bridge. Pilgrims perform purification here before they walk across the bridge which marks the entrance to the sacred precinct of Mount Haguro.

A short walk will bring you to a centuries-old wooden pagoda and nearby you will also find a cedar that is said to be 1,400 years old. It is marked by a sacred rope.

After your first visit to Mt. Haguro, you will hope that it won`t be your last. And no matter how long it will take you, you will find your way back.

Japan has many amazing places and Mt. Haguro, definitely one of them, is just my neighbor but it took me another 6 years to visit it again. The first time I was there, it was not difficult to see the beauty once the 2446 steps to the main temple unfolded.

But things are indeed sweeter the second time around. Entering Mt. Haguro`s approach  surrounded by over 500 years old Cedars and historical temples, I was ever mindful of the smallness of human life.